Friday, February 26, 2010

101 Uses for a Lost Sock or The Washing Machine Didn't Really Eat Your Socks

Have you ever finished folding your laundry only to find that there is a leftover sock? or maybe 2 or 3??  You may have 4 socks, but they are all different colors or sizes???
It happens a little to frequently around here lately.
But never fear!  Samuel has found a use for all those mismatched socks.

Toot, is the sock express.

Samuel loves trains.
Joshua loved trains when he was little as well.  We bought Joshua quite a bit, an awful lot, a copious amount of Brio when he was a little boy.  It was an investment - so the sales lady said.
Anyway, here we are years and years later, pulling our investment out of storage so our youngest son can play with it.
Thomas the Tank Engine is another favorite that has carried down through the years.  When Joshua was little, Thomas stuff was hard to come by here in the USA, so my Mum would send Joshua books, etc..
Now, Thomas the Tank Engine is everywhere you turn.

But, it seems, we didn't have to buy all those trains.
Just a little bit of track and a sock would have been just fine.


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