Monday, February 22, 2010

The last few months of our lives in 1 blog or less........maybe not!!!

Well, it is time to play catch-up on my blog.  I will not get it done with just one post......or two, or three, or even four!!  But, hopefully, at least before the end of the year!  Just joking, it won't take that long.........I hope.
I have already written previously about Sam's birthday, but that is where I am going to begin on my epic catch-up.
Sam likes to watch "Blue's Clues", so that is the birthday cake he picked.
After all, turning 4 is a big deal and you should be able to pick out your own birthday cake!
Sam thought the candles were pretty cool.....
Sam enjoyed blowing out the candles.......well, he does have to work on his blowing skills, not sure if it was wind or spit that snuffed out the flames.

What could you possible get a 4-year-old for his birthday?

With this photo you may think........maybe, clothes????
To quote Sam.
Here is another hint!  A cage????
Once again,
A Golden Retriever puppy called Blue???
Even as a little puppy, Blue loves, adores, relishes, inhales his food....a true Purdy.
Everywhere Sam goes, Blue goes.
Every morning you can find Sam in the backyard performing "Sam Tai Chi", Blue will be right by his side.
No bush is left unturned in their exploration.
No plant is left intact
No ground is left unsniffed.
Wherever Sam is......there is Blue
Wherever Blue is.....there is Sam

They have many common interests.
Sam likes to browse through the telephone book.....
Blue likes to shred the telephone book.
Jessica even likes Blue.
Though, there are times........
times like the times Sam and Blue explore her bedroom.
We won't even talk about the time Sam locked Blue in Jessica's bedroom.
Let's just say, thank heavens for air freshener!!!!
We can't let Blue sleep in Sam's room because Blue likes to sleep right on top of Sam.
Ask Sam about Blue and Sam will tell you that, "Blue is Sam's dog" and that, "Blue makes Sam happy!"
I'm sure if you asked Blue, he would tell you the same thing about Sam.

Our life sure has changed in the past few months.  We never thought we would have another dog, let alone a big, golden dog that knocks everything to the floor with a wag of his tail.  A dog that loves to chew up toilet paper and tissues.  A dog that digs holes to Australia in our backyard.  A dog that has the stinkiest farts that we have ever had the misfortune to smell.  A dog that has ruined what little backyard we had.  A dog that can eat, and eat, and eat, and eat.......

We also never thought that we would have a big, golden dog that sticks faithfully by the side of his little master if he happens to escape out the front door.  A dog that does not budge from the front door until Samuel comes home.  A dog that brings out the words in a little boy that often cannot give his words a voice.  A dog that is loving, kind, patient and gentle to a little boy that often is not gentle with him.  A dog that will do whatever he can to be by the family he loves......the family that loves him.


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