Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have a Smiley Kind of Day

Most kids love band-aides.  
They will make-up a "boo boo" just to get one.
Not Sam.
We have bought every kind of band-aid known to man. 
Not one has ever been stuck to his body.
Well......for one brief moment a neon blue band-aid 
was allowed the privilege of covering up a bad scrape.
And was gone...........just like that!!!
There is one thing that Sam thinks is fun to stick on things.

are a big hit in our house.
The more the merrier.
When we go to Costco, the person checking us out the door just has to draw a
on the back of the receipt.
My day is not complete until I go through my entire day of shopping, running errands, parent/teacher conferences, etc., etc., etc., with a million or so  
stuck all over my back.  

So.......if you need a little cheer, Sam picked this out just for you!!

Have a happy, SMILEY FACE kind of day!!

Happy Smileys


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Donna Trapp said...

Hi Sally, I'm glad to see your blog. It is truly moving,and I'm glad I can still keep in touch. You write beautifully!

I have deactivated my FB account. I think I got a virus and it cost a bundle to get it wiped out of my PC. Then a cousin's email was breached, and I decided it wasn't probably something I should continue with.

Love to you all!