Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last night Jim and I went to see "Little House on the Prairie The Musical".  I had mixed feelings about going to this show.  Like many, I grew-up watching "Little House on the Prairie" and reading the books.  Even though I loved the TV show and the books, I couldn't imagine a musical based on Little House as being all that exciting.  Well, I admit it, I can be wrong......rarely, but sometimes.

"Little House on the Prairie has remained one of the most popular and beloved celebrations of pioneering America since Laura Ingalls Wilder published the first book of her classic series 75 years ago. Now the inspirational stories cross into yet another frontier in an uplifting new musical. Melissa Gilbert, who we all knew as “Laura” for 10 years in the much-loved television series is now all grown up and playing “Ma.”
Through the magic of live theatre, the musical follows the Ingalls family‘s journey westward and settlement in DeSmet, South Dakota where Ma and Pa Ingalls hoped to make a better life for their children. It tells the story of their struggle to keep their land claim. In story, song and dance, we see the Ingalls suffering the hardships of winter blizzards and prairie fires as well as rejoicing in the settlement of land and town. Most of all, the story follows Laura as she grows from the wild child who loved to run free into a woman who embraces the responsibilities of her own future while struggling to remain true to herself.
Recommended for the whole family, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, THE MUSICAL brings the joys and sorrows of family life during the settlement of the prairie to contemporary America. Families will continue to identify with these life affirming stories that celebrate the pioneering spirit and the core values on which this country was founded – a spirit that resonates within each of us today."
Jim was quite excited to go and see "Little House on the Prairie the Musical".  In his younger days, Jim had a bit of a crush on Melissa Gilbert.
I would say that there is no accounting for taste, but what would that say about him marrying me!!!!

Of course, Melissa Gilbert did evolve quite a bit over the years on "Little House".

We really enjoyed the musical, it is definitely on the top 10 list of the best shows that we have seen over the years.  Melissa Gilbert certainly didn't have the strongest singing voice in the cast, but it was cool to see "Laura" play Ma.
 We also found out a bit more about Melissa Gilbert.  She is on the board of the above charity......a very good charity.  Anything to do with the care and well being of children will always have a soft spot in my heart.  Click on the above picture to learn more if you would like.

While in Tampa the cast has been working on a Habitat for Humanity house in Ybor City.
 We had a wonderful night.  Bought some incredibly expensive mementos............

 We wanted to buy Bill (our nephew who is living with us at the moment) this "Farmer Boy" t-shirt.  Unfortunately, they did not have it in his size.  We thought he would appreciate this generous gift.......something to celebrate his new found skill and passion - farming on Facebook.

 Instead, we bought Jessica this t-shirt.
We could have bought Ma, Pa and 1/2 pint shirts if we had so desired.
 Every show we go to, we buy a mug.  Thought the tin cups were cute.
 Then Jim just had to have this stuffed horse for Samuel.  It goes with the decor of Sam's room.  It was soft and cuddly.  Where else could you get such a wonderful stuffed horse???
So.......I relented and bought it for Jim Sam.  After all, it is his birthday on Monday.

The songs were great, especially the last one.  Made us a little homesick for South Dakota.

It also made me think of what will be made into a musical next. "The Brady Bunch?"  "CHiPS?"  I know........"The Waltons - A Musical!"


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Anonymous said...

I'm going now just so I can get my shirt. I do love farming on facebook. Makes me wonder what life was like before I discovered it.