Monday, October 5, 2009

Promised Land

Today we awoke to a beautiful, sunny day.  Perfect day to go to the Promised Land

 Thought I was telling fibs didn't you???  Well, here is the proof.  The Promised Land is indeed located in Tasmania, Australia.
When preparing for our trip, I found a reference in a guide book that talked about the tackiest tourist spot in Australia.  I went on to read that it was in Tasmania, so, of course, I added it to our list of places to check out.  I love a bit of tacky every now and then, and you have to love a place called the Village of Lower Crackpot.

The Village of Lower Crackpot can be found at a place called Tasmazia.  As you can guess by the name, it has........mazes!!
The brochure reads,
"From the Promised Land, across the way from Paradise, down the road from No-Where-Else, via the Devil's Gate."
These really are names of towns in this area.  Devil's Gate is a hydro-electric dam.

 There is one big maze that has many smaller mazes within it.  There are other mazes scattered all over the property.
Here are some of the things that you can find in the maze -
The Three Bear's Cottage
The Secret Passageway
The Crackpot Correction Centre
Memorial to Posts & Poles
The Tower
Spook House
Plumber's Memorial
Nancy the Witch
Three Little Pig's Ville
Treasure Chest
Humpty Dumpty's Wall
Fork in the Road
Kitchen Sink
Staverton Cricket Pitch
Largest Bonsai
Three Ladder
Pot of Gold
The House that isn't There
Jack & Jill's Hill
Garden Path
Bandit's Hideout
House in the West
Hobbit's Hole
Robert's Memorial
Signs with Sayings (over a dozen)
The Village of Lower Crackpot - Built to one-fifth scale of normal buildings in brick and concrete. Please show respect for our little town and DO NOT DEFACE OR CLIMB ON THE BUILDINGS!.
Fountain of Youth
World's Smallest World Heritage
Rapunzul's Tower
Sword in the Stone
The Distillery
GST House

After many false turns, gasps of frustration, happy dances and maybe a tiny bit of cheating......I think we managed to find all the items on the list.


 This is one of Jessica's favorite signs

 Samuel loved Cubby Town.  In Australia, play houses are called cubbies.

 The fire station was a big hit.

 Balancing Maze

 How to control unruly teenagers

 Yep, I definately need to get one of these for the backyard.

Tourists in the shot at no added cost.  I didn't edit out Jim's thumb so he could also be included in the shot.

A view of Lower Crackpot from an observation tower.  This maze was probably the most frustrating for me.

The Village of Lower Crackpot.
The kids thought it was hilarious that I kept saying "Crappot."  Of course, that is something that Samuel picked up on very quickly.

Jessica and I resting after following the yellow brick road'

Yep, still resting......letting Jim chase Sam around and around and around the village.

The Purdy family didn't agree with the tourism book.  The Village of Lower Crappot Crackpot was not tacky, just fun.

They had a pancake palour there, we had already planned this as our place to eatout.  It was so extremely expensive to do take-away or restaurants, we definately had to plan ahead.

The servings were HUGE and very yummy!!

We drove back to Ulverstone, taking the scenic route.  I mentioned before that it seems that every town has a theme.  We drove through Sheffield - town of murals.  We didn't stop, but below is one of the murals that can be seen as you drive down the main street.

We spent the rest of the day stopping off and looking at other things, but will blog about that another day!  This was a fun day, something that all the family enjoyed.

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Parker Family said...

That place looks awesome or maybe I have just had kids too long! LOL! You guys look like you had a ton of fun too! Love the pictures!