Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Devils, and Wombats, and Roos, OH MY! Tasmanian Devils that is..........



and ROOS
Oh my!!!!

Our main destination for our last Thursday in Australia was.........

Each time we come back to Tasmania, this is one of the places we make sure we visit.

Joshua, Jessica and friend

I'm the king of the castle...........

Feeding kangaroos is a very tickley experience

Sam loved the cockatoos, they kept saying "Hello" to him everytime he started to walk away and then they all had a bit of a dance - Sam included!!  Joshua and Jessica fed the kangaroos a couple of bags of food and wandered around.  Sam hadn't had a "accident" the entire trip, preceeded to wet his pants, his spare pants and then a extra pair that I found tucked down the bottom of his bag.  Sam and I went and sat in the car and had a snack of Teddy Bear Biscuits.

On the drive to the wildlife park, the big kids had spied a Honey Farm store and museum in the middle of a tiny town called Chudleigh........of course, they wanted to stop and take a look......never mind that their little brother was pantless!

It was a cute place, suprisingly interesting!!!

They breed very big bees in Tasmania

The shop had anything and everything that you could possibly long as it was to do with bees and honey!
They didn't have pants for Sam.........Jim wouldn't let me buy a yellow and black striped pair of tights for him.   They would have kept his bare little legs warm.........

It was fun tasting all the different types of honey.  Leatherwood is one of my favourites.

Bye-bye bees

We went to Deloriane to have a picnic lunch.  There is a nice park by the river, with a fun playground.  We did make a pit stop at St. Vinnies and picked up a nice pair of trousers for Samuel.  We didn't want any pantless Purdys running around the town.

We headed back towards Ulverstone.  Stopped off at Graham and Dianne's.

That afternoon we went and visited Dad's grave.

Another good day,  can't believe that our trip is nearly over!


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