Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Mersey Bluff

One of our favorite places to go  in Tasmania, is The Mersey Bluff in Devonport.  When my parents divorced, Mum and I moved to Devonport and we lived within walking distance to the bluff.  During the summer, my friends and I would spend a lot of our afternoons swimming here.

We enjoyed walking along the paths.  There was a fantastic playground for Samuel.  Just a great place to go and hang out for a little bit of down time.

One summer my Mum rented a caravan for us and my sister-in-law, niece and nephews.
It was a fun week.

Located at the bluff is Tiagarra, an aboriginal museum.

If you look around the area, you can find aboriginal rock carvings.

This is taken off a lookout overlooking "the blowhole".  When I was a teenager, teenagers would jump into this......I'm not saying I did, but others may have been foolhardy enough to try.

Jessica and I on the lookout overlooking the blow hole.

I love lighthouses.

Samuel had a fun time running around the paths, chasing seagulls, trying to climb all over the rocks and get to the water.
Jim, Sally-Ann, Joshua and Jessica had fun chasing Samuel around the paths, all over the rocks and through the water!

Because it is a popular beach, there is a surf lifesaving club there.
This is a big thing in Australia.

Now, they may wear funny hats, but they are very athletic.

Found this picture of life savers in action.  They had a shot of them from another angle, but I would have had to slap on a big, blue butterfly for modesty sake.  Take note of the speedos. Speedos don't hide very much. Speedos are from Australia......not sure if I want to admit that or not, in fact, I don't think I will.
So you don't have that image seared into your brain.......

Here are two better images.

I must be getting old, I prefer this image!!


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