Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane - I'm leaving on a jet plane

It's Wednesday, and time to go for another walk down memory lane.If you would like to know more, click on the link above, join in, or just read other's contributions.

In March of 1986, I packed everything I could fit into 2 very large suitcases and headed off to the great unknown. I was flying to Rapid City, South Dakota to meet Jim's family for the first time, get married.....moving thousands of miles from my friends........everything I had ever known for the first 23 years of my life...........aaahhhhhhh........what was I thinking??

Me and my Mum at the airport in Devonport.

Don't you love 80's hair? I don't think I was even suffering from 80's hair, it was early in the morning, I think it was just a bad hair day!

My brother Graham, his wife Dianne, daughter Katrina, youngest son Anthony, son Jason - oldest son, Andrew isn't there.

My friend Andrea and her boyfriend (now hubby) Johnny.

Johnny doesn't usually go around dressed in grubby work clothes, but I do believe he was working at the airport at the time.

My Auntie Val, cousin-in-law Jeanette and Auntie Lyn

Before heading to South Dakota, I stayed a few days with friends in San Francisco.

Walking off the airplane in Rapid City was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I was hoping that it would just be Jim and his Mum and Dad. But, no, his entire family had made the trip to South Dakota to see Jim and to meet me. Jim had just returned home from serving a mission for our church.
I thought that my legs were going to give way on me!!!!
23 years later, we look a little different than the above photo!

In 3 weeks we will be getting on another airplane and going back to Australia for the first time in 12 years. I am very excited, but have the same butterflies that I had making that trip to the USA. Things change with each trip back, that is life, but this time we will notice the biggest changes of all.



Daniel and Kari Tandberg said...

I love the pictures! Have fun on your trip!

Kristin said...

Wow....that's amazing Sally-Ann, that you were able to leave everything behind. It looks like it turned out wonderfully! Have a safe and fun trip back!!

The Kirby Family said...

I was only 15 at the time but I remember my mom and Aunt Carolyn LOVINGLY joking about how Jim was bringing home a "Tasmanian She-Devil" :) And we are all so very blessed that he did!

Holly said...

I loved seeing your pics! I bet it was nerve wracking making the trip and meeting everyone! I hope you have a great trip back to Australia!

The Tolf family said...

Wow! I can't even imagine doing that. I have friend who did the opposite. She grew up in Montana and now lives in Australia and has for the last 10 years with her husband and 6 children. I hope to one day go to Australia to visit her. I hope you have a great trip back!

BrunetteKoala said...

oh wow...I remember crying when I moved from Aberdeen 130 miles south to Edinburgh....eek!

Hope you have a lovely trip to Australia. I went there for first time 2 years ago, and I loved it there.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Great pictures Sally Ann. Love the 80s hair!! Praying for a safe and blessed trip for you guys...

Lynnette Kraft said...

That must have been a bit scary going that far from home! How fun to be able to go back after 12 years! I remember you mentioning this trip coming up. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Have fun!

One of us Dragonfryes said...

That would be very scary for me as well. You have a beautiful family! Australia is one of the places I dream I could visit some day. Have a fun trip!

JessBay said...

Those are some great pictures and I wish I was that brave to pack up and just follow my heart...very admirable of you.

Thank you for sharing,


Parker Family said...

Oh my goodness, great pictures! That must have taken great faith to leave everything! I am glad you did though, because I had the chance of meeting such a great family! Miss you guys! Have fun on your trip! Talk to you later... We want to see pics from your trip when you come back!