Friday, May 15, 2009

Typical Thursday

Our Thursdays are pretty much the same routine every week.
For the past year or so, Samuel and I have been attending Kindermusik every Thursday at 10:10am. It makes for an interesting time. Sometimes Samuel chooses to participate, sometimes...........

Samuel loves it anytime Miss Aimee brings out the musical instruments. Samuel is supposed to be hitting these sticks together in time with the music.

Samuel prefers to line them up in a straight line making a train, in this instance he chooses to make a square.

Story time.
Samuel loves the monkey blanket that they sit on for story time.

Samuel studying the monkeys.

You may think that Samuel is shaking the bells here......
he is comparing them. But, he does do the occasional shake!!
Sam loves to put these bells on his toes.

A different type of bell. More comparisons!
Waving streamers is always fun.
Some days I wonder if Samuel is taking notice of anything that is happening in his class, but then he surprises me by bursting into a song from class. Not just one or two words, but the whole song. He will grab our hands and want us to form a circle, or flutter around like pretty, little butterflies - Joshua loves being a butterfly with Sam!! hee, hee, hee
We love this part of our Thursdays!

After Kindermusik we go to the mall to meet Dad for lunch.
Afterwards, Samuel always requests a ride.......

Samuel loves the carousel.
Each week he rides a different character. This week it is a horse.

Then we head to Books-a-Million. Not to buy a book mind you. Sam likes to play with the Thomas the Tank Engine in the children's section.

This is our Thursday routine.
Sometimes we digress, but not very often.
It is a fun day!!!


The Kirby Family said...

Sounds like a fun day of memory making that I'm sure he will always treasure:)

Maddie's Mommy said...

We apparently live very close to each other because I recognize the mall you are at. Do you know of any other interactive type things for younger kids in the area. I had my daughter in gymboree, it was down the road from my house and I payed the new member fee (over 100 dollars) and we went 1 day and they told everyone that that location was shutting and that they were gonna open a new one across the street in Jan. and that never happened. And all the other ones are 20-30 minutes away and I really don't want to drive that far every week for a 30min thing. And I looked at My Gym and there isn't any of those local either. And I would really like my daughter to interact with other kids.