Saturday, April 11, 2009


I wanted to post something profound and meaningful for Easter. I haven't succeeded in coming up with anything all that spectacular, but here we go!

I have been thinking back to the Easters of my childhood. We would have Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday off from school. Our school would participate in Easter programs at the local churches in the days leading up to Easter break. Yes, we would still have the chocolate bunnies and eggs, but it seemed that more importance was placed on the true meaning of Easter.......why we had Easter.

As a side note. Every year I would get a chocolate bunny and a huge chocolate egg sitting in a plastic mug. On top of the egg was glued a tiny fuzzy chicken. At the time I thought nothing of it. But now I realize my parents warped sense of humor - tiny little chicken, huge big egg. This is a tradition I try to carry on with my children. However, while it is easy to find huge, big chocolate rabbits, it is not so easy to find huge, big chocolate eggs. This year was the most difficult of all, so we are settling for smallish eggs with the tiniest chickens I could find! My Mum would make Hot Cross Buns for breakfast Sunday morning. She would make separate ones for me because I didn't like the peel in the ones she made for everyone else. I love them with sultanas (golden raisins). Mum always let me put the glaze on the buns and fill the crosses on the top with icing.

Anyway, I digress! As you can see, nothing profound by me written in this post, but I found the video on the link below and thought it was perfect for this Easter.
Happy Easter


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