Thursday, November 27, 2008

Canada - Day 6

Day 6 began with packing up our suitcases again. Today we are headed to Annapolis Royal. Joshua spent several months of his mission in this area.
On our way to Confederation Bridge we passed by a spot where Joshua had quite a adventure while serving his mission.

We wanted to see where this adventure took place, so we took a slight detour down this road.
That road led us to the following road..............
Did I say road? Joshua claimed that it looks a lot different than it did on that fateful day twenty-something months ago. Every now and then the missionary companionships go on "splits" with missionaries from another town. This is what had taken place on this particular day and Joshua and the other Elder were on their way back to meet with the other missionaries. They had a map of roads that were "shortcuts" on PEI and decided to take one of the so called "shortcuts" to save a bit of time. Excuse me while I take a moment to chuckle here.

This took place in the winter months, so this "road" would have looked a bit different then.
They travelled down the road and as it narrowed and grew steeper, they realized their mistake and looked for a place to turn around. There wasn't one. The road became very steep and icy and as a result, they slid down a hill and came to rest just before a 6 foot drop. They couldn't go back and they couldn't go forward, so they had not choice but to walk to where they were supposed to meet the other missionaries. They walked and walked for hours. On the way they came to a fallen down bridge with a sign that said "bridge out". They finally came to civilization and a place where they could use a phone, but couldn't get hold of the other missionaries, so they called the mission office and told them what had happened. They continued to walk and walk and walk.........
Finally arrived at the meeting place, but the other missionaries were not there.
A policeman pulled up along side them and asked if they were OK. They used his phone to call the other missionaries.
With the help of a member of the church, they tried to get some tow-truck people to get their car pulled out, but they all refused to go down there. A local farmer commented that they hadn't seen a car down that road for 50 years of so! Finally, the church member paid a farmer a case of beer to pull the car out.


This photo is of the view in the other direction of the "road".

The road we were travelling on kept on going past farms and Joshua said we should just stay on it because according to the short-cut map, it would eventually join the main road again.

Mmmmmmhhhh? How hard do you think we thought about continuing down that road? Not long and not to hard!

This is the beginning of our journey across the Confederation Bridge. It was very, very long. I wish I could remember how long and more details, but I can't. If you want to know more, Google it!

This is Jim driving across the bridge.

This is Joshua and Jessica sitting in the back of the van, driving across the bridge.

This is Samuel sitting in the back of the van, in his car seat, driving across the bridge, on the lookout for buses, trucks and airplanes.

This is what it looks like when you drive across the bridge.

This is some scenery as we were getting close to the other side of the bridge.

Same thing a few seconds later.

Samuel and Dad taking a walk at a rest stop.

Sam's first photo of some flowers.

The long, long, long bridge. aka Confederation Bridge.

Blue blob, Joshua. Red blob, Jessica. Some creative soul had made animal sculptures out of driftwood.

It was very windy.

Say "cheese" Samuel!

Jim took the following 2 photos.
Not sure why.

I think the one below because of the flags.

This one.

Not so sure why.

We stopped for lunch at a town known as "The Blueberry Capitol".
Here we are with a very large blueberry.
It was covered with ladybugs.
Had the worst Subway sandwich of my life for lunch.
The big blueberry was fun however.

This was the view across the street from the Subway/Petrol station.

They also had clean gasoline and it was very expensive.
We arrived at Tranquil Times B & B in the late afternoon.
It is owned and run by Adele and Bob Thompson. Joshua got to know them while serving in this area. They are members of our church and fed the missionaries very frequently. In fact, Bob is the Branch President of the church in that area.
In the evening they have a hot dog and marshmallow roast. That is why the above picture is so dark and you can't see anyone or anything. Wanted you to get the feel of the hot dog roast!
This is a better photo. Jessica is enjoying some S'mores.
Adele and Bob are wonderful people and we enjoyed talking with them by the bonfire.
If you are ever in their neck of the woods and need a place to stay, we would thoroughly recommend their B&B. First rate hospitality, delicious breakfast and very comfortable rooms.
Good night!!!!


Frogwoman said...

Haha! It is good to know that beer is useful for things other than killing garden slugs.

Parker Family said...

Wow, it sounds like such an amazing trip. I love to hear missionary stories too. I bet it was all too fun!

southern family said...

Great Mission story getting stuck! Funny! You guys do great trips!

Tatersmama said...

I just popped in from Pioneer Woman and really enjoyed the tour and the photos!
I'm an American (California), living in Oz for the last 13 years, so our situations are just about reversed!