Monday, November 3, 2008

Canada - Day 3

Day 3 began bright and early as we repacked our stuff and got ready to go to church. Joshua wanted to spend his last Sunday at North Sydney Branch. He had been in this area for 7 months and had gotten to know and to love the people here.

There were 18 visitors (I think??) at church this particular Sunday and that doubled what would have been the normal attendance for that day. It was a wonderful meeting and we enjoyed meeting members of the church that had been Joshua's family away from home the past 7 months. There wasn't a nursery for Sam, so he came to Relief Society with me. He kept me on my toes to say the least!! It bought back memories from when my Mum and I started going to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints back in the 70's. We met in the kitchen of a dance hall.

The drive to church had been beautiful. We couldn't remember the last time we had seen the Autumn colours. Florida doesn't really have "fall/Autumn", so we soaked it all in.

While in North Sydney we stayed in the home of President and Sister Demeyer. He is the Branch President of the church there. He isn't pictured here because he was moose hunting with some friends from Utah! This wonderful family fed Joshua and his missionary companion every Thursday night.

These photos were taken as we were driving to visit some members of the church in that area before we hit the road again. It reminded me of Tasmania.

Sam needed to stretch his legs, so we stopped at a park to let him run.

Me, I HATE having my photo taken - see the thrilled look on my face??

We stopped at every lookout point on the way! Those of you who experience Autumn/fall, please indulge us in our copious photos of leaves!

These photos were taken on our drive to Pictou. We spent the night there so we could catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island the next morning.

Do you notice something that does not belong in the above photo and in the next few photos below?? Look closely, they aren't hard to miss!
The bane of my photo taking in Canada. Utility wires!! They hung them at a fairly low height which made it impossible to snap a shot over them or under them. I guess I could have edited them out, but being clueless in such adventures, you will see the scenery as we did - lines and all!!

Incidently, we took to last few shots because we thought it was beautiful, but it is also photos of Alexander Graham Bell's family compound. Some of his descendents still live there according to our travel guide Joshua. There was a Bell Museum, but Samuel was asleep, so we were not going to stop for anything!!!

Relaxing at our bed and breakfast. We stayed at "The Consulate". It was once the American Consulate. Very nice accommodations, we were upgraded because an "Oriental gentleman" had not checked out yet. I don't know why we needed to know that he was an "Oriental gentleman", but we appreciated the fact that he didn't check out because we loved our upgraded accommodations!! The remnants of our riceless Chinese food meal lay before us. It raining when we arrived at Pictou, so we didn't get to see very much of this town.
We slept very well - Sam had his own bed!

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southern family said...

What a fun trip Sally Ann! I hope to do that in about 10 years, when we get to pick up our only sone from his mission. I can hardley wait! But you asked what CHUCKER birds were on my blog...... so I thought I would tell you.... it is a partridge type bird that lives in rocky, hard to hunt areas, ans they are originally from afganistan. funny hu.... so many things to hunt around here!- ally