Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 29th - A very special day!

I was originally trying to post this on Samuel's birthday, but it took soooo long to download the photographs, it didn't happen! I am going to pretend that it is still the 29th and carry on regardless!
My baby boy turned 3 today. Three years ago I held him in my arms with a great sense of relief and gratitude. When I walked through the front door of our home with him I started to cry and couldn't stop. I cried because this time I got to bring my little baby home. This time there wasn't a cradle by the bed that would stay empty. I only put Samuel down when I had to. I held him when he was awake, and I held him when he was asleep. My arms no longer ached.
You've had a birthday, shout hooray!
We want to sing to you today.
One year older and wiser too.
Happy birthday - to you!!

Today Sam turned 3. His full name is Samuel Wilton Purdy. I always thought there was a Samuel to come into our family. Wilton is the name of my Mother's older brother who was killed in the 2nd World War. Samuel is all boy - dirty face, chapped lips, unbrushed hair and stained shirt.

We tried for quite a while to get Samuel to open his presents, but the flashlight was much more interesting. Our power had gone off this morning.

Finally, the sound of Mum ripping paper perked his interest.

Not for very long however. Mum had to continue to unwrap the present.

Jessica had picked out the Magna Doodle for Sam and was very keen to demonstrate it for him.
Please note that there are 2 other presents sitting there, waiting..........and waiting.

Samuel stamping houses.

Jessica and Sam engrossed in their creations.

Yep, I guess the gift was a hit with all the kids.
Samuel never did open his other presents. We will do that tomorrow! On Saturday we going to Magic Kingdom at Disney World to celebrate Sam's birthday. He loves the rides there and running around Tom Sawyer's island.
Sam keeps us very tired, on our toes, perplexed at times and constantly moving. He smiles and we melt. He throws his arms around my neck, gives me a kiss followed quickly by a fuzzberry and all cares fade away.


Rhea said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Samuel!! He's adorable. What a cute little boy. I love seeing what he got. I'm glad he had a nice birthday. :o)

Michelle said...

Aww, happy belated birthday Sam!