Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is That Shrimp In Your Pants????

We arrived home from Canada very late Saturday night. I will blog about our trip throughout the week. Actually, as soon as I figure out how to download the photos from my husbands camera! It was a wonderful trip and it is good to have Joshua home with us again.

In the meantime! I was sitting in the car, reading the newspaper, waiting for Jessica to finish early morning seminary class this morning so I could take her to school, when.......Have you ever had a heading in the newspaper make you do a bit of a double take?? This morning I did. I was just glancing over a section of the newspaper when, "Man Caught With Shrimp In Pants", caught my attention and raised my eyebrows a tad.

Apparently, a gentleman aroused suspicion at a local supermarket, and when confronted, pulled two bags of frozen shrimp from his pants. He tried to run away, but was tackled and held until the authorities arrived.

Sometimes I just have to wonder why people do the things they do. Maybe he had a craving for shrimp. I wonder if he had an unknown accomplice that made their escape with cocktail sauce for dipping the shrimp hidden in their clothing. We will never know. Was the shrimp returned to the frozen food section? Or was bagged for evidence? The wombats are stomping around my belfry a bit today! I tried to find a picture that would go along with this blog, but alas, none was found.


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