Monday, October 27, 2008

Canada - Day 2

So begins day 2 in Nova Scotia, Canada. I told a tiny fib on my last post about the two pictures taken out of the hotel room window. We had been trying to get a picture of the Canadian flag flying outside our hotel window. It looked very pretty with the night sky in the background, but we were unable to get a good shot of it. So, instead, here it is flying in the morning light! Quite a pretty view from our room window.

We loaded up the van and started our 5 hour drive to North Sydney. But on our way out of Halifax we got side-tracked with a stop at the Citadel.

The British established Halifax along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia in 1749. Fortifications defended the naval base from its earliest days. The harbour defenses are known as the Halifax Defence Complex and consist of the Halifax Citadel, York Redoubt, Prince of Wales Tower, Georges Island and Fort McNab national historic sites of Canada.

The changing of the guard reenactment was quite impressive. Especially when they swished their kilts as they made sharp turns in their marching. I know there is a "proper" term for sharp marching turns - not kilt swishing - but, it is late at night as I type and the term escapes me!

I like bagpipe music.

Have you ever wondered what is worn under a kilt? I know this question is asked jokingly all the time, but inquiring minds do want to know these things.

Nope, still don't know!

Is there a Sam in there?? Samuel was so funny. It was quite cold when we first arrived, the wind was really blowing. Samuel didn't know how to express that he was cold, so he kept telling me, "Hot, hot!" He was very happy when we pulled up his hood and tucked his hands into his pockets.
"Have you every been a fishing on a bright and sunny day,
And seen the little fishies swimming in and out the bay.
With their hands in their pockets and their pockets in their pants.
Have you seen the little fishies do the fishy wishy dance?"
Not quite sure what bought that song on, but.......

The guy on the right in the white jacket was hilarious. They were trying to get people to come and watch a musket demonstration, and people wouldn't co-operate. We were standing obediently near by, but everyone else kept milling about aimlessly elsewhere!

Quote from the guy in the white jacket.
"I can assure everyone that the most interesting thing that is happening in the Citadel is happening right here in 5 minutes.
There is absolutely nothing happening where you are standing, it will be terribly exciting at this very spot in 2 minutes
Corporal Jones (can't remember real name) gives a very good tour, but not half as interesting as what will be happening right here in 1 minute. Leave the tour now."

Samuel found a way to warm-up. He ran up and down the embankments. We had to keep a close eye on him because he also wanted to climb down the other side, and it was a very, very steep drop!

Yep, up and down, up and down. This became a running theme through our trip!

Here comes Joshua hurrying up some stairs. What could he have been up to????

Joshua wouldn't have locked his sister in the stockade would he? No, not Joshua!
Here comes Jessica hurrying up the stairs after her release.

Up and down. Up and down. Up and ...........

View from a lookout point

Trying to get a family picture. Samuel not co-operating.

I wonder what they are plotting, discussing or possibly discussing a plot??

Strolling the walls.

Looking out over Halifax

Jessica giving me her Mona Lisa smile

Demonstrating how not to fall down the side of the Citadel.

After leaving the Citadel, we made our way out of Halifax and started the long ride to North Sydney. We all kept commenting on the beautiful leaves and their colours. It has been a long time since we had seen Autumn leaves. The leaves in Florida tend to stay the same!! It was a beautiful drive. We stopped for lunch, stretched our legs and then headed off again.

After driving for quite a while, we stopped off at a place called Auld's Cove to visit a gentleman that Joshua had gotten to know there by the name of John Pettipas. John owns a place called Pettipas Market. They also serve traditional style Acadian lobster suppers. Now, Joshua did not tell us that John also had a restaurant, or we would have had our lunch there. Let's see, lobster or hamburger? Lobster or hamburger? Hmmmmmmh.

Here we are in the kitchen. John is on the far right.

John is very good to the missionaries and Joshua always enjoyed visiting him. Although, they did get off to a rocky start! Apparently, when John found out that Jim is a lawyer, he called him a "money grubbing, ambulance chasing lawyer." He later apologized and now that he has met Jim, well, now he knows that Jim has never chased a ambulance in his life, they go much to fast.

John Pettipas sure can talk.......and talk and talk. But, what a wonderful guy. Whenever the missionaries would leave, John would shoot off some fireworks. He did the same for us, much to Sam's delight! We were also given some delicious apples, postcards, a flag and ice-cream! The back of a brochure telling about John's market says,

"A friendly hello to a stranger
A warm wave goodbye to a friend"
This statement is very true. In fact, not just of John Pettipas, but everyone that we met on our trip.
We continued our drive to North Sydney. We arrived at the Demyere's home later than we had planned, but they were waiting for us and welcomed us with a delicious hot meal, friendship and comfortable beds for our tired bodies!


David said...

Looks like you all had a fun day, if you seriously want to know whats worn under the kilt, then please visit my site at

Kind Regards, David.

Sally-Ann said...

I checked out your site and it is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Barbara said...

Wonderful pictures Sally-Ann. Glad you shared. Now I have the travel bug and no time off!


Rhea said...

LOVE all the photos! Samuel is so cute cuddled in his green sweatshirt. I've never been to Canada, I hope I get to go someday.

I love the upside down kilt photo. You cracked me up!