Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canada - Day 5

Well, at the rate I am completing these posts, you may never see the end of our trip to Canada! I have been sick this past week and a half however. Couldn't stop coughing long enough to type! Am doing much better now, and will attempt to complete the full account of our adventures as quickly as possible!

Prince Edward Island is very beautiful. I can see where the winters could be very long and I would end up going stir crazy. Joshua spent his first Canadian winter on PEI.

It seemed that around every bend in the road there was a beautiful country church. I was forever saying, "Look at that beautiful church." or, "Look, there is another beautiful church." "Look, look, look!!!" Sometimes I forgot that we had passed down a particular road before and repeated my observations about a church that I had already declared beautiful, cute or quaint. I even declared that someone should make a book featuring all the beautiful churches on PEI. Having said that, do you think I took a photo?? Of course not. But never fear!! I managed to find some photos of PEI churches and have them here for your viewing pleasure. Excited? Can't wait? On the edge of your seat? Let's move on with day 5 then shall we?

Oh, how beautiful!! Even though I didn't take this photo, we actually did see sights like this, not just on PEI. I love country churches.

PEI is known for its potatoes - oops, sorry podado. When travelling, it is important to try a few words spoken in the native language. In Nova Scotia it is podado. If you are feeling very brave you can try the Scotia suck. While breathing in say "Yeah, yeah, yeah". This can be quite tricky. Be careful not to swallow copious amounts of saliva or choke by drawing back on the word yeah to much.

Jessica, being the typical teenager, does not show her enthusiasm for things all that much. Jessica loves potatoes.

While driving to Summerside, we passed the potato processing plant. Jessica was terribly excited by this and we took some photos to mark the event! The above clipart is to mark the occasion and to pay respect to the humble podado. There is a podado museum, but it was to far away to put on our schedule.
Podado storage

Podado trucks

Oh my, what a beautiful church!

As we drove around PEI I noticed many houses had front doors up quite high and no steps. I found this very curious. Was this how they got rid of guest who had wore out their welcome? Was this how they discouraged door to door solicitation? According to our travel guide Joshua, if there isn't a front porch or steps leading down from the door, the house is considered "unfinished" and they don't have to pay as high a tax.

Oh, look!!! Another cute church.

PEI has some wonderful utility lines as well. Carrying on the Nova Scotian tradition of hanging them low.

We actually did pass by these churches several times.

While on PEI we discovered a wonderful ice-cream parlour called "Cows" It was a fun store and the ice-cream was delicious! We sampled "Gooey Mooey". It received a two-thumbs up from Sam. He ate his own cone, some of mine and a good hunk of Dad's.

On our first day in Nova Scotia, we saw a McDonald's sign advertising "The McLobster." Today we went to McDonalds in search of a McLobster sandwich. There were none to be found. I did save the french fry packets however. One side is written in French and the other English. The M has a little maple leaf on it. I found all this very fascinating.
We went back to the cottage after picking up some rations - home cooked food tonight. We spent a quiet evening watching the Canadian election results - well, some in the family did, I bet you know who! That night the wind was blowing so hard, Samuel kept insisting that a airplane was going by.

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