Monday, December 15, 2008

Canada - Day 7

After a delicious breakfast of bacon, omelet and fruit, we headed out for the day. It was very overcast and drizzly, but that wasn't going to stop us from enjoying the day!

After a beautiful drive into town, our first stop was Annapolis Royal Botanical Gardens. When Joshua was serving here as a missionary, their apartment was in the gardens. The missionaries would go and help out as volunteers in the gardens one day a week. Joshua took some beautiful photos while there and actually won a photography contest with several of his photos. I'm not as good with my artistic shots, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!!!
I found this plant fascinating!

Quite pretty, I suspect it would not grow very well in Florida. It was still thriving here in Annapolis and it was very cold.

Same plant, different colour.

We were lucky enough to find some of the roses still blooming.

In the following shots I was trying to be "artistic".

I love roses.

Unfortunately, on the day we were there, they were in full "winterizing" mode. The benches were even being whisked away to winter storage. It was still very lovely to walk around.

There was a little cottage that showed how the Arcadians lived way back when. Here is Joshua modeling some wooden shoes.

Here is Joshua and Jessica strolling down one of the paths. I think they are plotting again!

There wasn't any hills of significance for Sam to run up and down -
so he twirled around and around instead.

After strolling and twirling around the gardens, we headed to the Fort Anne National Historical Site. For more information on Annapolis Royal, especially the gardens and fort, check out this web site

Samuel is in a well,
Samuel is in a well,
Hi-Ho-the derry oh,
Samuel is in a well.

Samuel loved this well. If we had known what a merry chase he was going to lead us on, we may have left him in there for 15 minutes or so!!!!

Joshua standing on top of one of the defense embankments surrounding the fort.

Jessica standing on top of one of the embankments - after going down one and then back up to her current location.
This photo doesn't really do justice to just how steep they are.

I think you have probably guessed which member of our party insisted on running up and down, up and down, up and down, up................
the very steep embankments.

Do not let his feet touch the ground, I repeat, do not let his feet touch the ground! We can't run up and down anymore. Stop him at all costs!!

Samuel is in the well,
Samuel is in the well..............

When I looked out in the bay I got quite excited. It looked like there was blocks of ice floating around. But was foam from the Tidal Power Generating Station.
All that running up and down made us hungry, so Joshua took us to "Norm's World", a place that served one of his favourite Canadian foods. This restaurant is in Cornwallis and is owned by a member of our church. Here we had the culinary experience of tasting donair and poutine. Poutine is french fries with cheese curds and gravy. Donair is ground meat that is mixed together with spices until it is very smooth, it is then cooked at a low temperature until it is very tender. It is can be served with green pepper and onion. It is also served with a sauce made of evaporated milk, sugar and garlic. It may not sound very appetizing, but it is gooooood!
We went back to Tranquil Times, did some laundry, relaxed. After supper we stopped by to visit some families that Joshua wanted to say good-bye to.
To rainy for a hot dog roast tonight!
Good night!

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