Thursday, December 18, 2008

Canada - Day 8

Whoo hooo! I am actually finding time to blog twice in a week!!! I am determined to finish telling you about our trip to Canada - only one more day after this one!!

Here we are standing by the lake at Tranquil Times B & B.

Now I know we took a photo of the Thompsons, but, it has vanished! Or maybe we took it with Joshua's camera??? Anyway, if I had a photo, I'd put it right here!

On our way back to Halifax, we stopped at the "Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic." I enjoyed it very much, suprisingly! Also, suprisingly, did everyone else! Here is Samuel enjoying a rocking boat. Sam loved exploring all the different types of boats they had there.

Here are the children trapped. I know they have some pretty big lobsters up here, but........

Still trapped. Samuel is trying to make a break for it, but big brother has a firm grip on him.

I think it is a case of, "If we have to sit here in a giant lobster trap, so must you Samuel!"

This is a place called "Peggy's Cove". Nothing here but a lighthouse.
It is very pretty.
Very windy, cold and pretty!
Couldn't believe how many people there was milling around. Bus loads of tourists.
Bus loads of tourists climbing all over the rocks, all over the rocks that had big signs posted about how dangerous it was, that fatalities had happened as a result of climbing all over the rocks and being swept out to sea.

When we left Peggy's Cove, it was a case of all roads lead to Halifax!
Which way do we go???
We were a little confused.
We chose the right.
The left would probably have been OK as well.
But, we turned right.
That is what Joshua told us to do and we know Joshua never goes the wrong way!
We arrived in Halifax around 6pm. Our last night in Nova Scotia we stayed with the Kearley family. A very nice family filled with teenage girls, birds, a small black whirlwind of a puppy, various pets and a very calm and collected Mum and Dad. We went to eat at a place called "Boomerangs". Kind of like a "Outback Steakhouse". Samuel wasn't very co-operative when it came to sitting and eating, so I walked him up and down the strip mall. He tried to open every single door on every single lap of the mall. At least we weren't going up and down hills!!!
So ended our 8th day in Canada

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Parker Family said...

It looks so relaxing! I bet the trip was awesome! Can't wait to hear more!