Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Wild, Wild West

On Tuesday morning we left for our vacation in Rapid City, South Dakota.
The flights were very uneventful - just the way we like them!!  The only cause of worry was making our connection in Minneapolis.  We had a very short period of time to go from one end of the airport to the other!  We made with a few seconds to spare......Sam kept wanting to detour back the way we had just come and check out escalators and stairs.
Our baggage was last on, so it was first off I guess because it was the first luggage to come sailing around the carousel.  Picked up our car rental, and then we were off.  Our rental car is brand spankin' new, only 2 miles on it and still has the new car smell.  The rental people told us to try not to damage it.......
Arrived at Mom and Dad's and chilled out for the rest of the day.
It is always good to come back to Rapid City and always good to spend time with Mom and Dad.
On Wednesday we headed out the door bright and early.
Sam had told us the night before that he wanted to find the "Wild, wild west" and horses.  So, we went in search.  Jim kept wondering why everything was shut as we drove through the Black Hills.  Informed him that they weren't open was only 9am.
 We didn't stop at Mount Rushmore, we will another day.  But, here are some photos of our view as we drove past.
We ended up at........
 in Custer.  Jessica had been before, but, for the rest of us, it was a new experience!
All aboard!
The first order of business was a train ride around the park.
Some shady wild west characters!!
 Jessica.....her true colors?????
 Always remember to "Choose the Right"......words of wisdom from Sam.
 Told you that Jessica's true colors have shown themselves!
 Sam wanted to be part of the action.
The cutest outlaw I have ever seen. least she isn't sticking her tongue out!!
Mmmh??? That isn't quite how I remember it.
 Did Jessica ever make it onto the fire engine???
You will just have to ask her.
 Boy, were our feet tired and sore after our zip around the track in this car!!
We finished our visit with Bronto Burgers and fries at the drive-in.
A fun place to hang out and spend the morning.
A far cry from the razzmatazz of the theme parks in Florida!
Good-bye Flintstones!!
 We decided to stop and visit Crazy Horse on the way back.
We could actually see where they have made some progress!
It was a good day.  Samuel was very impressed with the wild, wild West and all the trees.  When we were going up and down mountains and hills, around sharp corners, through tunnels and all manner of other interesting things.  Sam requested that we all go.....

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