Friday, June 21, 2013

Mountain Lions, Buffalo & Bears.......Oh, My!

On Thursday we headed out to Bear Country with Jim's parents.
I'll let the photos do the talking and just add some comments here and there.
Big Horn Sheep
 There was a whole lot of scrachin' going on......
 There was also a lot of "wrestling" going on.
 I guess Spring was in the air at Bear Country!

This bear was guarding the exit.
He was pretty grumpy looking!
Baby Buffalo
Daddy Buffalo
Ground Hog
 The porcupine had been a bad boy and was in the corner....
 Left, left, left, right, left........
 Mom, Dad and Jim
 There are bears in the trees!
 The cubs could move fast.  It was difficult to keep the camera trained on them!!
 Sam had fun running up and down the hill.
 Red Fox
 Mmmh.....not sure, Jim must have taken this photo.
We concluded our visit with the usual stop at the gift shop!
Then there proceeded to be the great lunch debate.  As usual, a whole lot of ideas and much indecision!
The conclusion?
Sam and Jessica had McDonalds and everyone else had sandwiches back at the house.......
We did a bit of WWii bowling in the afternoon and then went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Though, it probably could have been considered lunch time as well.......we had to explain to Jessie what "blue haired set" meant.
Mum and Dad went back home and we decided to go to the Summer Nights Street Party.  After seeing how crazily crowded it was going to be and the absence of any marking within a 100 mile radius, we decided to go to Dinosaur Hill instead.
I didn't have my camera and we also were phoneless, so, pictures taken from the internet follow!
 Once again, a very low key attraction.  One that our older kids have always enjoyed.  Samuel was no exception.  He did give Jim and I a few heart racing moments when he ventured under the barriers (if you could call them that!) and went so very close to the sheer drop........
The climb up the stairs was much more rigorous than we remembered.
Samuel, of course, had no problem running up and down these steep steps.
We finished the evening off with a trip to Dairy Queen. This used to be our favorite frozen confection.  I was very dismayed when I took a few spoonfuls and found that I no longer enjoyed it.
Frozen custard for me forever I guess!!

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