Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Great Tooth Caper of 2012....or Thanksgiving in Key West

In my never ending quest to catch up.  Today I am sharing photos from Thanksgiving 2012.
Last year we decided to do something a bit different.  We enjoy going down to the Florida Keys, so that's where we headed for Thanksgiving.  It is Sam's favorite vacation spot.  In fact, he is asking when we are going this year!

 One of the most momentous things that happened while in Key West was that Jessica knocked out Samuel's tooth!  
It was a good thing.
Two of Sam's permanent teeth had grown either side of a baby tooth, firmly wedging it.  Sam was scheduled to go in on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving to have it removed while he was under anesthetic.  So, it was a good thing.  Saved us $500.
Sam came tearing out of the bedroom declaring that Jessica had stolen his snaggle tooth.
 We spent a lot of time swimming.  There was a pool in the complex we were staying.  It was right in historic Key West.  It was nice because we could walk to most of the places we wanted to go.
We were about to get into the car to drive to the beach and I seemed to have either caught Sam "GQing" a pose, or fixing a wedgy.........
 This particular day we went to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.
There is a fort that you can explore and a beach.
It isn't the greatest beach, a bit rocky, but we have fun there anyway.
 For some reason I took a lot of photos looking through the windows.  I think there was something out there that I was trying to catch, but can't remember now!
Sam and Jessica
 Jessica and Sam
 All the above photos are views from the top.
 One of the best views......
 Sam wasn't very keen about sitting on cannon balls, but he finally agreed!
 Finally.......the beach!
 This iguana decided to soak up some rays and took a walk along the beach.
 Love the ocean.  My favorite place to be.
 Ever hopeful seagull!
 Yachts sailing by.....
 When we go on vacation, we try to do one thing a bit is our splurge.  
In the past we have swam with the dolphins, gone on a sunset cruise, etc.
But, this time..........
 Sam isn't telling.
 One day I will get a solo photo of Jessica NOT sticking out her tongue!
But, she isn't telling either.
Jim??  He said to give a clue.......
 Can you guess??
 Jessica wasn't all that sure about this adventure.........
 Sam was excited until it came time to board, and then had to be convinced!
 Key West by air.
 This is us coming down for some.......
 touch and goes on the water!!!!
Very exciting.
I was trying to get the spray, but it doesn't show up.
 Here it is a little bit.
 Obviously a little off kilter taking this photo!
Good shot of Jessica photo bombing however!!
 See that smile on Sam's face even though he wouldn't look at the camera???
He smiled like that the whole time.
 Safely back on the ground.
 This one ended up on the bottom when downloading and I am not so inclined to put it back in order.  
But, can you guess what that is? 
The propeller. 
One of my favorite shops of all time is Fast Buck Freddie's.
We hadn't been able to pop in when we did a day trip to Key West from Marathon in March, so I was looking forward to browsing.
I was so sad when I found out it was closed!!
This is probably our most favorite restaurants of all time.
It was only 2 blocks from where we were staying.
I think not......

We also visited the aquarium and Pirate museum. 
 We rode the tour train twice.
Jim and Jessie went a toured The Truman White House.
We walked, and walked, and walked and walked!
Most of all.....
We had a great time.


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