Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory?? Not quite, but close!

Our last full day in Tasmania was spent saying good-bye to people and trying to fit in all the things we wanted to!

We followed our usual morning routine, we tried to get out the door a little bit earlier than usual.  We drove to Penguin and said good-bye to Birdie, my step-mum.  It is always sad saying good-bye to people, but with some it is harder because you know that you will probably not see them again.  That is the reality of living thousands of miles away from family.  Birdie has always been very loving and good to us and we love her.

After visiting with Birdie for a little while we drove on to Burnie to see my sister Gayle.  Gayle had 2 of Dad's fishing trophies and gave me one of them.  How I was going to get it home without breaking it into a thousand pieces was going to be a challenge!  It is a fish vase, pretty darn ugly, but of great sentimental value.  Gayle is so much like Mum, it is scary!  Gayle is a wonderful sister.  It was also very difficult to say good-bye to her.  It didn't help that all through our vacation time in Tasmania, Gayle kept telling people, "You had better make the most of seeing Sally-Ann, it is probably the last time we ever will!"

We took the scenic route back to Ulverstone.  We bought some lunch and went to ANZAC park to eat it.

 Much of my childhood was spent at ANZAC Park in Ulverstone.  It was right down the road from our house and my friends and I would ride our bikes or walk down there all the time.  

The playground is a lot of fun.  Space rockets and space ships are the theme.  There is a very long and steep slide that goes down the hill from the car park.

Love the fountain.  When I was a kid, you could put 20cents in thingo (can't think of the correct name!) and the fountain would start.  There would be different coloured lights that would flash under the water.  Not sure if it does that now.

This a view from the wharf looking back at ANZAC Park.  My friends and I would walk under the bridge and then along the wharf to go fishing.

The last time I was at ANZAC Park was for a family get-together on Boxing Day 1986, right before I left to go to America.  This picture is a little blurry, that is probably fitting, because it brings a tear to my eye.  many of those in this picture weren't here for this trip.
I love my family.

We met up with Ann and Mike Fitzpatrick at House of AnversHouse of Anvers is a chocolate factory that has a tasting shop and a restaurant.  Yum, Yum!!  They had MaryAnn Woolley with them who I know from growing-up in the Devonport Ward at church.


 The big kids love the tasting area and the shop!!

Samuel loved the garden, especially this little truck!

 We all went to the restaurant to catch-up and to have..........

 some delicious hot chocolate and some of us may have indulged in........

 some of the decadent desserts offered.

We did take photos of everyone, but when I downloaded pictures from Joshua's camera.......they were gone......just like that..........very trip.........a fancy, smancy camera.........will not improve my picture taking, but will make me feel better.

After over indulging, we drove into Latrobe to see Dianne, Graham, Katrina, Andrew, Jason and Anthony.  Katrina and Jason were shopping and when they came back Katrina had scored a great deal on Ugg boots.  So, of course one of our children then decided that they wanted a pair of Ugg boots......back to Devonport to find them.

We also tried one more time to visit my friend Pam Clarke, but, no luck - insert frown face here.

Once again, a good day.  We spent the night doing laundry, playing spades and, of course, Tim Tam slamming.


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