Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walking through Sydney

While in Sydney we stayed at the 
in the central business district.

 Walking distance to everything.  
The decor was a little dated and worn, but perfect for our needs.

Saturday morning we headed off on foot.  It was beautiful walking through Hyde Park.

War Memorial in Hyde Park

Fountain in Hyde Park

Cathedral by Hyde Park, we could also see this from our flat.

Loved walking underneath all the beautiful trees.

We walked all the way to the Sydney Opera House!

Enjoying a very expensive snack - but couldn't beat the view!!
After picking up some souvenirs, we walked on a bit more and met.......

Captain Cook!!!
He looks remarkably well for his age.
He would only let us take his photo if we could tell him who he was......duh???
and we had to take his picture standing next to 

The Captain Cook Cruises sign.
Captain Cook chased a chook
All around Australia........... 
Does any of my non-Australian friends know what a "chook" is? 
Inquiring minds want to know!


Nice face Sam

Nice face Dad!

It was a fun cruise.

We wandered around a little taking in the sights, grabbed some dinner and then headed back to the flat......we had done a lot of walking and it was time to relax a little.

Tomorrow was our last full day in Australia.  Time goes by quickly.


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