Friday, January 22, 2010


I love this introduction to a informational station about autism.  It is relevant to any hardship or trial in life, not just autism.

Dewitt Jones, a photographer for National Geographic coined the phrase, “By celebrating what’s right, we find the energy to fix what’s wrong.” For so many of us, autism is what is wrong. These days, autism frequently hits very close to home. It defines a son, a daughter, a neighbor, a niece, a student, a friend, a husband, or even oneself. We grieve with each new diagnosis, we exhaust our resources trying to research and reverse its effects, we weep through sleepless nights when it pierces our aching hearts. And then to our surprise, we rejoice and celebrate the unexpected gifts that autism has brought us. We find that though autism challenges us, it doesn’t take away our happiness. In fact, through our eternal perspective, we find more than comfort. This adversity has taught us to “be of good cheer, and…not fear, for...the Lord (is) with (us), and will stand by (us).” D&C 68:6. Come meet the faces of autism. Learn not only what autism is, but how much we enjoy the unique and powerful gifts from our autistic loved ones. Celebrate with us what is right with the wonderful faces autism, and together we can fix what’s wrong. 



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