Thursday, September 10, 2009

1st Sunday in Australia

Our first Sunday in Australia was pretty quiet. We went to church with the Imms. Samuel and I walked around and around and around the outside of the building. Samuel did not want to sit in Junior Sunday School (Primary) with all the other children. When screaming didn't get him taken out, he resorted to the tried and true ploy of announcing extremely loudly and repetitively that he had to go "potty". Of course, he didn't have to go......but, I had to take him just in case! It was funny being at church and not having a "responsibility"! I enjoyed seeing some of the ideas they had to encourage reverence, etc., and will take the ideas back to Tampa with me to try out in our church Primary (Junior Sunday School)

We spent the evening talking, Tim Tam slamming and repacking suitcases. I managed to leave my address book - hey Andrea!!! Could you send me my address book!!?? I didn't realize how much I use it until now. So, if you don't get a Christmas card from us this year, my address book is still in Australia.

It was wonderful reminiscing about family and friends. I might say that there was quite a bit of laughter involved, especially on the topic of desert boots. That is all I can say here........the innocent must be protected, well, those not present to defend themselves anyway!

Desert boots were very popular when I was in high school.......

Andrea and Jonny are good friends and have a wonderful family. They are also very gracious about the fact that one of their guests threw loud, screaming temper tantrums in the wee hours of the morning. Before we went to bed Sunday night we all joked about how Samuel would probably sleep through the night and how ironic it would be because we had to get up early and go to the airport!

And that is exactly what my sweet little boy did!


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Daniel and Kari Tandberg said...

I am jealous of the tim tams. It is a China Hong Kong mission tradition.