Monday, September 8, 2014

Have You Ever Been To Space Ship City??

I've been thinking about this blog since I downloaded the pictures yesterday.
The words of this song has been running through my mind.

 Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Take me home
(Oh, won't you please take me home?)

Can you name the song......
can you name the band?????
In my mind the words have been mixed up a little.  
That can happen.
In my case, it can happen rarely... on occasion ...sometimes...
OK, it happens all the time!!
My version starts of, "Have you ever been to Space Ship City?"
It really goes down hill from there.
Last Thursday Samuel woke-up, ran into our bedroom and declared that Dad was taking him on a field trip to Space Ship City.  Jim declared that he was not taking Samuel on a field trip to Space Ship City.  Begrudgingly, Samuel then changed plans and proclaimed that Mummsy was taking him to Space Ship City.
I thought, "Why not??"  The only problem was, I had no idea where Space Ship City was!   
We asked Sam to describe it.
Big building with a glass all over it.
Escalator and elevator.
(A must for any self-respecting field trip)
There was a big building next to it with escalators that hardly ever worked.
Then......we knew......
 The Florida Aquarium.
Darn, we had just let our membership expire!!!
But, Sam and I went anyway.
 First order of business was to ride the escalator.
 We went and checked out the new Lemur exhibit.
 No trip is complete without climbing into.........
 and onto some giant sea shells.
 What is Sam doing here you may ask??
 No, it isn't some new fangled time out room.
 Sam did enjoy it.
 It was a hurricane simulator.
Sam has a tough time with storms, so it always surprises me when he wants to go into one of these.
 Wasn't sure how these photos would work out because of the lighting.
I like them.
 Even the fish like Legos.
 Stopping to check out some of the hands on stuff.
 Sam decided that it was lunch time.
 He has the same thing every time.
Hot dog, fries, vanilla pudding and a chocolate milk.
 Sam loved his.
I, however, did not enjoy my sandwich.
Above is a picture of the world's most disgusting sandwich ever.
 Then, outside to the splash area.
 I do believe that is Sam's head on the right.
 Here are the non working escalators in the cruise terminal that is next to the aquarium.
It was a good day.
It wasn't crowded because school is in session and because it is early in the school year, no field trips!  Except for us of course.
Usually when we go to the aquarium, the whole trip is done at a break neck speed around and around the exhibits.  We can usually get Sam to stop and say Hi to Mr. Grouper.
But, on Thursday, we stopped at a lot of the exhibits and talked about them.
We didn't go barreling through the different sections at 100mph.
In the play area, all the little toddlers thought it was a good idea to dump buckets of sand on Sam's head, but he just brushed it off and kept building his roads.
If someone was in his way, he went around them.....politely! 
It was a good day in Space Ship City.
By the way.
It was "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses.
But, I like Carrie Underwoods version as well.

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