Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Day of Blessings........

Tristan Alexander Purdy was born Saturday, 24th of May, 2014.
He came just a little bit early....
in the middle of moving his Mum and Dad into their new house.
But, that was OK.
We were very happy that he had arrived and after all, he wouldn't be a Purdy if there wasn't just a little drama attached to the event!!
Last Sunday was a very special day.  It was Tristan's blessing day.
Here is Tristan and Grandpa. 
Here is a picture of Joshua, Courtney, Tristan and Courtney's family.
 Which Grandma would win over a baby tug of war??
 Don't let the smiles fool you!!!!!
 Joshua, Courtney and Tristan.
Joshua gave Tristan a beautiful blessing.
 Sam wanted a photo of him and family friend, Christine.

You may notice a lack of photos of Jim, Jessica, Samuel and me with Tristan and his parents.
Photos were taken.
I distinctly remember standing there for them.
But, apparently,  the camera off button looks a lot like the one you hit to actually take the picture.

Oh well, luckily we have some cute photos of Tristan to share.
Last night we got to babysit Tristan.
Watching him sleep as he is snuggled in my arms.
Having him smile and coo when he hears his Grandma's or Grandpa's voice.
Watching his face light up as Samuel twirls and whirls around the room.
Bring great joy to his grandparents.

Listening to my oldest baby give his baby a blessing that will go with Tristan throughout his life, also gave me great joy.  It was a day of blessings being given and a day of counting blessings.


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