Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Something Just for Fun!

Not everything in our little corner of the world is work, work, work.
A lot of our curriculum contains fun crafts, recipes and field trip ideas.
Here are some of the other things we utilize throughout our day!

I would use them even if we didn't home school!
  We used Kiwi Crate before we started to home school.
Now, if I see one of the crates will go along with one of our units, I hold off using in until then.
Love, love, love Kiwi Crate.

 Little Passports is another one we used before home schooling.
We are using the world edition and just use the items and suggestions to go along with our geography lessons.  Sam loves the little things that come with it.

I know some of these items add up cost wise.  But, for us, when everything you need comes with it and I don't have to run all over buying things, it is worth it.  

 We use Legos quite a bit.  They are great to help Sam with his fine motor skills.
Plus, he is a 8-year-old little boy who loves Legos!!!!
I would love to eventually get some of these kits and add them into our curriculum.
Something for everyone!!
Next week we will be starting a monthly agricultural class.
Agricultural Classes 

Sam's absolute favorite "extra" thing that we decided to try this school year is dance.
Who'd have thunk it??
Sam loves tap and tumbling the best, but gives ballet a go as well.
Sam was very sad over Christmas break because he missed 3 weeks of dance.  He even wanted to drive back from Key West to go to dance class and then drive back to Key West that night.  We had to disappoint him and say, "No."
Sam loves Ms. Rhonda at Kim Hall's School of Dance. 
This is also a HUGE milestone for Samuel.
It is the first time he has participated in a extra curricular type of situation without one on one assistance.

We have a few more things that we do, but will share them in a future blog.


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