Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Please be Upstanding..........

I have lived in the United States for nearly 28 years now.  
That is a long time!
I am still an Australian citizen and I really do not have any desire to change that.
 I am very proud of my heritage and if I hadn't met and fell in love with Jim, I would most likely still be living in Australia.  Every now and then I look into getting my American citizenship.  I will most likely take the plunge, especially if I can have dual citizenship.
That being said, something happened on Saturday at the circus that made me think on this a bit.
This is the wall in our classroom that has the calendar, weather chart, and yes, the Pledge of Allegiance and an American flag.
Every morning we start off our school day with:
A song (which ever the children are working on at church for the month)
The monthly theme and scripture from church
A prayer
Article of Faith
The calendar
The weather
The Pledge of Allegiance
It is something I have no problem doing.
It is important for my children to know that it is important to show respect.
It is important for them to know that yes, they are 1/2 Australian, but they are also 1/2 American and we live in the United States of America.
I also stand and sing the American National Anthem.
I prefer to sing the Australian National Anthem, especially during the Olympics!!
  We have this painting hanging in Jim's office.  I love it, it is one of my favorites.  It reminds of of a stage that Samuel went through where he would make a beeline to microphones and do the Pledge of Allegiance.
On Saturday, the National Anthem was sung at the beginning of the circus.
Out of our whole row, our family was the only ones that stood-up.
It struck me as sad.
I hope that this is not going to become "the norm."
Even if you do not agree with politicians, certain laws......whatever.
You can still have a love and respect of country.
My family does.  Even the Australian halves!!
For those who do not know the Australian National it is!!

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Jim said...

Love the arrangement of Advance Australia Fair.

It's sad that so many people lack basic respect for their own country.