Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

 When your child goes off to school on that very first day.
It is nerve wracking for a parent.
Well, it is for me.
Doesn't matter how old they are.
I just worry about them and for them on that very first day.
Even my big boy Joshua......
He is 24 and in college.
I worried about him this year.
I don't have a photo of him going off to class on his first day of college.
But, I want him to have a great year never the less.......
 I do have photos of Sam on his first day of kindergarten this year.
 Walking into his school.
Sam was very happy to have a desk with his name on it.

No matter what age your child is on that first day of the school year, as a parent you still have hopes, dreams and wishes for them.  With each child they may be a bit different, but you still have them.
For my big boy Joshua.......he graduates this year, I want him to be successful so he can make his way along the career path he chooses.
For my little boy Samuel......I want him to make great strides like he did last year.
When your child is autistic, your goals may be a little different than the ones you have for your other children.

But, ultimately, they are the same.
You want your children to be happy.
You want them to succeed in the things they set out to do.
You want them to have friends.
You want them to grow and flourish.

Not really sure about that last line......
Not sure what the heck in means.....
Will leave it there.....
I think you understand.

Sam has a tough time with change and the beginning of this school year has been a little rocky.  Sometimes he doesn't want to go, he tells me, "It is so different."  Some old issues have crept back and it is hard as a parent to deal with that.  But, deal we will.

This year I want Sam to continue to find his voice and use his words.  This time last year he couldn't tell me that it bothered him that "it is so different."
This year Samuel gives me a kiss and tells me that he loves me as he heads off to school.
Last year that was a seldom heard phrase and when we asked Sam for a kiss, he would bow his head so you could plant a kiss on top.
There is so much I want this year..........

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