Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cocoa Beach

The week before school started, we decided to do one last week at the beach.  We don't get to do things "spur of the moment" very often.  This worked out great and we had a wonderful time.
To quote Sam, "I love the beach!"
The Pier at Cocoa Beach - right by our condo

Looking out from our patio

Master Bedroom

Kid's bedroom

Living room

Jim and Sam

Sam and Jim

Sam just loved all the waves.....

Our condo

When Samuel wasn't swimming, he was digging!!!

Do you see Jessica in any of these photos????
Me either........
Where was Jessica???
She emerged on occasion to swim in the pool and also when we went to....

The Ron Jon Surf Shop.
A great place to browse for a surf board, t shirt and other over priced souvenirs.
Also part of the Purdy exercise plan.....
chasing Sam up and down the stairs and through all the displays.

It was a great week of swimming, reading, walking along the beach and......
doing absolutely nothing!!!


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Revan Kohl said...

My toe was broken so it made walking in sand very painful...