Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are spending the week at the beach.  
Some bad weather just blew through, so I am checking my e-mails, facebook, etc..
The following video was posted on a autism web site and it caught my attention.
It isn't autism related, just shared to remind everyone to have a great day!
It reminded me the importance of human touch.
My mother told me several times that one of the hardest things about being a divorced, elderly woman was the lack of human touch - hugs.
This is something that has been told to me several times by many people that I know.
You don't have to necessarily be "elderly".
It is something that can affect everyone.
How often does a simple smile.....
a wave......
a gentle touch on someones arm......
a hug.......
make all the difference in someones day?

Here is the history behind the video.

"The "Free Hugs" video is, arguably, one of the most popular on YouTube with well over 69 MILLION views but we think it's worth sharing, just one more time. 
In 2004, Juan Mann was depressed and lonely when he went to a party and was given a hug by someone he didn't know and it made him feel great. The next day he made a sign proclaiming "FREE HUGS" and stood at the Pitt Street Mall in central Sydney, Australia. It took 15 minutes before an eldery woman took him up on his offer and the rest is history. 69,000,000 views later the "Free Hugs" campaign has spread all over the world with its only goal to let people know that others care!"
l hope that this brings a smile to your face on this Tuesday afternoon.
And, remember to give someone a hug, a smile or even a "Hello!"  You never know when it may make a difference.

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mcb said...

Oh, thank you for this post and especially the video, Sally Ann. I have always believed in the importance of a loving or friendly touch. It conveys so much. It is just so darn easy for us to make a difference in someone's day, a smile is contagious! ^_^