Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pizza Night and "Motherhood the Musical"

Last night was Friday night and we didn't have anywhere to go or do.
We are really quite boring people.
So, we decided to make homemade pizza.

Some of us were really excited about making pizza!

Really, really excited!!
Some......not quite as excited.
Mmmmh.....not quite sure about this expression???
Everybody dance now......

Jessica!  Smile!!  It is the only way your Dad will stop taking all these photos!!!
FINALLY!  A smile!!!

Josh and Courtney were not there to enjoy the excitement of it all.
Instead, they were enjoying.......
Jim and I went to see it last Friday night.  It was possibly the best show we have seen all year.  As a mother, I could definitely relate to just about everything in the show.  However, I think Jim laughed just as hard as I did.
Excellent cast.

With songs like "Costco Queen", "Minivan", "The Kids Are Finally Asleep", and last, but not least, "I Leak",  how can you go wrong??

A good way to spend a Friday night!!!


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