Monday, June 27, 2011

Graduation Day - an End and a Beginning....

We recently attended a very important graduation ceremony.
Samuel graduated from the VPK program and Sydney's School.

It bought back memories of the graduation ceremony we attended last year.
Jessica graduated from Howard W. Blake Magnet High School of the Arts.
Quite a contrast.
 At Samuel's graduation there was a 50's music theme.
The children had many, many practices to get it just right for their special night.
 Sam had Mum (taking the photo) Dad, Aunt Michelle, Joshua, Courtney and Jessica there to represent the family.
Christine and Scott Chambers also came to lend their support!
 There was singing and dancing to the song, "Happy Days."
Samuel still sings this around the house.
 The dancing was great.

 They sang about the days of the week.
Even the audience participated in "The Twist".
Samuel's technique was definitely the most unique!!
 Some guitar strumming!
 We see Miss Hannah back there with her guitar!!!!

 Diploma in hand!!!

 Mummy, Daddy and Samuel
 They look excited, don't they???
 Milling about and chatting
This happens to be one of my favorite photos.

We have been to several programs at Sydney's School over the past year.  Everyone there works so hard to make it a special event for the children and their families.
It makes wonderful memories for the parents and I know it does for the children as well.

Now for Jessica!!
Drum roll please!
 Sorry for the poor quality and the darkness of these pictures.  The camera we had at the time didn't have any zoom to speak of, and apparently, not much of a flash!!
 Decided to add these photos anyway......
 Decorations were the school colours and a few plants.
 There was dancing however!!!
The school dance department performed to "Phantom of the Opera."
I think the balloons used as props could be classed as decorations also......

 I have no idea why there is a photo of a chair amongst the graduation photos.
But, I felt compelled to add it in case there was some reason that totally escaped me.....
Receiving her diploma!!!!
 After the momentous event.
Christine Chambers (the Chambers just love coming to the graduation ceremonies of the Purdy siblings), Me, Jessica and Joshua.
 Jim, Sally-Ann, Jessica and Joshua
 Before heading out to the graduation.

So very proud of Jessica and Samuel!
Next year we will be attending Joshua's graduation.
Love, love, love my kids.

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