Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sam's School

 Samuel's school is always having fun parties and parades to go along with the season or weekly theme.  

Enjoy the pictures!!


At Thanksgiving last year they had a carnival which was followed by a feast!  All the children wore t shirts that were decorated with their hand prints and fingerprints - they were made to represent a tree in the fall.

For the letter D, they had a
 Everyone had a magnificent dinosaur tail made out of pantyhose and scrunched up newspaper.

There's no soundtrack to this story, 
just a brand new dance. 
Grab your teacher by the hand 
and swing your dinosaur pants. 
Stomp your feet on the sidewalk, 
are you ready for the noise? 
Swirl your tail around the floor, 
go on make a ROAR!
Now your doin' the Dinosaur Stomp,
stirrin' up the dust.
Doin' the Dinosaur Stomp
in the middle of the courtyard.
Yes, this once resembled a real song by John Williamson - 
"The Crocodile Roll".
My apologies, couldn't resist when I saw the photo of Sam twirling his
 dinosaur tail around. 

 N is for 
The farmer in the dell
The farmer in the dell
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer in the dell

Just in case you needed a hint to know what or who Samuel was dressed as!!

 Samuel wants and needs to participate in "normal" activities.
Sam's school gives him the opportunity to do "normal" kids stuff.
My older children participated in parades and parties at school.
Now, so can Sam.

These pictures were taken at a game that Sam went to with his Dad.
Jim said it was one of the best nights of his life.

One of the hardest things for us as a family is to go to public events.
It is hard to fight the desire to just stay at home.
To stay at home in case..........
In case of what???
In case of a full blown, throw yourself down, screaming louder and louder tantrum.
In case a child walking past you will get their hair pulled out by the roots.
The constant worry of Sam running off.
Disrupting behavior.
Will the crowds stress him out and cause distress?
If there is something to be worried about, I WILL worry about it.

we do go out as a family.
We go to church.
We go to games.
We go to fairs.
We go to restaurants.
We travel.
We go to the same places that everyone else in the world goes to.
Sometimes we cut the outing short.
we go.
We go because we love our son and we want him to have all the experiences that make up a 5-year-old's life.
I know that people sometimes think that it must be so terribly difficult to bear.
A lot of the time it is hard.

the joy of raising Samuel far outweighs the difficulties that autism brings.
 He makes our family complete.


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