Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Originally this post was titled "Bye-bye Poo: Part 2", then I remembered it was Dr. Seuss's birthday today. I then thought I should name it, "If I Ran the Zoo". As you can see, I finally settled on, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Surprisingly enough, I think this is probably the only Dr. Seuss book that we do not own!!

I do remember the opening page to this book however.
Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

When your child is still in diapers and you are beginning to think of potty training, you (I did, so, therefore, everyone thinks my way, right???) think that with this great mile-stone in your child's life will come a new found freedom for both you and your child. Free of diapers! Free of what?? This is a myth, there is no new found freedom, at least not yet.

Once he got over his initial stubbornness, Samuel has embraced being diaper free. He has had very few accidents and finds great joy in flushing. With being diaper free, we now have new challenges. Everywhere we go we have to scope out the location of the nearest bathroom. Then I have to overcome the germaphobe in me and try not to have panic attacks over the trillions of germs that could possibly be milling around the facilities. I now carry a huge supply of disinfecting wipes. In fact, I may start buying stocks, even in this economy. We usually end up visiting the restrooms within 5 minutes of arriving at any location. Depending on how fascinating Samuel finds a particular restroom dictates how much time we spend there, or should I say, how often we visit the said restroom!

On Friday night Jim and I went out of a hot date! Well, we found it exciting. We went out to eat and then browsed the local book shop. I was checking out the kids section for a book that might help Samuel in his potty training efforts. Even though I found the selection interesting and somewhat amusing, I did not make a purchase. Though how I could pass up such a variety.........There was the usual, basic potty training books, but apparently they aren't good enough, or perhaps graphic enough?

For example -
  • "The Truth About Poop"
  • "The Long Journey of Mr. Poop"
  • "A Potty For Me: A Lift the Flap Instruction Book
  • "Even Firemen Poop"

and my personal favorite

In this little gem you lift flaps until you find the pile of poop.

When my oldest son, Joshua, was about 9 months, my mother called me one day and inquired why he wasn't potty trained yet. I reminded her that he was only 9 months old and wasn't even walking yet. She told me that my sister Gayle was potty trained by that age. I laughed and hung up. When you are going through this milestone, everyone has helpful hints and sure-fired ways that work. All I know is that.......

Today is your day!

I have potty trained my last child - I am not doing this with the grandchildren

You're off to great places.

It may be a toilet, but maybe it is a spectacular one

You're off and away!

Bye-bye Poo - don't forget to flush

Sally "Seuss" Ann


Kev said...
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misty said...

Forgive me for the previously deleted post. I was posting under my husbands login without realizing it!

Brilliant! I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan and the book you quoted is one of my favorites. I teach preschool and it is the book we read on our very last day together each year. As for Dr. Seuss, I actually had my picture taken with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last summer when my family went to California.

And oh how I remember the potty training days. They seem as if they'll never end and then suddenly you look back and wonder where the time has gone.