Thursday, September 1, 2016

Storm Day the Purdy Way

This week Florida has/is being hit by the first big storm of the season.  It has been pretty quiet in our neck of the woods.  Lots of rain and a bit of wind.  Tonight, our power did go out briefly, but soon came back on.
So, today, even though many counties had a school free storm day, we still did "Sam's School."  Sam thought it was a bit unfair, but to change things up a bit, we actually did it at home and not at Sam's classroom at the office.
Our day also involved making cookies.
Peanut butter, chocolate chunk cookies.
It was a good day.
 Every day starts with piano practice.
Grandma Johns would be so happy that all of our kids have made good use of her piano.
 We threw dinner into the crock pot.  
Chicken Taco Soup.
 Sam knuckled down and worked hard.
His favorite at the moment is Science.  Today we studied  the  brain and nervous system.  Here he is working on a lesson review.
 During one of our breaks we made our snack and dessert for tonight.
Here are the ingredients, all ready to go!
Sam kept asking if they were cool yet.
Almost Sam!!!
 After our snack, Sam wanted to go and swim.
So, being just as crazy, off to the office we went.
To swim.
It was a bit chilly.
Tonight, the rain came.
The power went out for a little while.
But, we are dry and safe.
We have peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies.

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