Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Tale of Three Roads...or...Farewell to Ireland

 Time to play catch-up on my blog again.
But, I would first like to do one final post about our trip to Ireland.
 The most difficult thing on our trip was the driving.
Not because you drive on the left side in Ireland.  Jim handles that very well.  But, the size of some of the roads.  
We put the roads into 3 different categories.
The first being the narrowest.  Just when you thought there could be no road narrower than the one you were currently hurtling down at a break neck speed, the GPS managed to direct you to a road that had the width of a sheep trail.
Roads without any type of paint lines were the scariest.  Extremely scenic, but terrifying.  Usually could not fully appreciate the view because your eyes were shut or covered.  Especially if a car was coming the other way.
There was an added danger bonus when Jim covered his eyes.
Just Joking!!!
 This photo is a bit blurry.
Hard to focus when hanging on for dear life.
My eyes may or may not have been shut.
But, at least this road had a line.
When there was a solid line, that was a good thing.  It usually meant that there was room for two cars to go down either side of the road without one having to pull over as far as they could to the side.
We breathed a sigh of a relief when there was a line.
 The best road of all was one with dashed lines.
 Even better still was this......
For some reason, our GPS had an aversion to this type of road.
 Not sure if this wave has an official name or not.
We came to call it many things.
The Irish Wave
The Gratitude Wave
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for letting me squeeze by wave.
Everybody used it.
Even the person who sped past at 200kms an hour and side swiped our car.
 On the Tuesday morning we left, we had our last full Irish breakfast.
Yes, we even ate white and black pudding.  Miriam's (the owner of the B&B) husband is a butcher.  It changed my opinion of black pudding, and I had never had white pudding before.
Tomato, sausage, bacon, baked beans and scrambled egg.  I ordered the scrambled egg for Sam.  If it was a true full Irish, it would have been fried eggs.
 Sam had pancakes, they were yummy.
 It was a rainy day.
We made our way to the airport.  Turned in our poor sideswiped car with a minimum of fuss and started the drudgery of working our way through customs.
Aer Lingus was a pretty good airline to fly with.  Would recommend them. 
We are always so concerned about Sam when we fly.  We always arrange for one of us to sit in front of him so we don't have to worry about him kicking someones seat the entire flight or putting his tray up and down, up and down.
Sam was an angel.
The kids sitting behind us???  Not so much.
The parents didn't help, felt like turning around and telling them to chill out, they were making matters worse, but, because I have been there done that, I didn't.

Great trip.
We met some wonderful people and had some wonderful experiences.
Would love to go back and repeat some of the things we did and try out and see some new things.
Our family loves to travel and have been able to do so.  There are many more places on our wish year.  Oh, wait, it is already next year!!!!

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