Saturday, August 2, 2014

Beach Girl at Heart.........

Unexpected mini vacation in the middle of the week.
Jim had to go to Florida City to check out one of the stores we need to do work on.
Being the wonderful hubby he is, he dropped Sam and I off at Sanibel Island, went and took care of the store and then drove back to the hotel in the middle of a dark and stormy night.  Well, it wasn't really a dark and stormy night, but Mother Nature was really putting on a light show across the gulf.
We stayed at The Seaside Inn.  It was a little older, but well kept and the rooms were very comfortable.  We were upgraded to a ocean front room.  We had a screened porch that had a beautiful view of the beach.  They dropped off a breakfast basket.  Great for a short stay.
Before Jim headed off to work, we had dinner at The Blue Giraffe.
Samuel was very impressed.
It was in a shopping plaza and there was a playground and lots of stairs for him to climb. escalators.
So, while Sam and I were spending time at the pool and beach. 
  Hanging out in our room, eating Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, sipping Diet Dr. Peppers and juice boxes.........

Jim headed off to work.

The next morning, Sam and I woke up bright and early and headed off to the beach again.
Sam had a bad case of "bed head" going on.
  Jim joined us for one last swim.
That is him.
I have no idea where Sam is.
I thought I had them both in the photo.
It looks like Jim has eyes on him........
It was The Island Cow for lunch.
We decided to stick with the animal theme for our choice of restaurants.
 They didn't serve rolls for you to munch on while you waited.
They served confetti cup cupcakes.
So, with full tummies, we headed back to Tampa.
Great one night get-away.
It was an udderly  moovelous time........
I love the beach.


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