Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cub Scout Day Camp 2014

This was Sam's first year attending Cub Scout Day Camp.
These photos are in no particular order as far as days of camp go.
I didn't take my camera, so these are of the camp facebook page.
 Every day started with a flag ceremony,
We also ended the day that way as well.
All the different groups did their group cheer at this time.
The cheers were also chanted wherever we went.
Our group was "The Stars."
I don't remember the cheer. 
 I never thought I would forget it. 
I thought it was firmly implanted in my brain for all time.
This is Sam's pinwheel that he made.  The pattern he drew on it is "Minecraft."
Craft time was a favorite.
This is part of our crew, we are missing 2 boys and several leaders.
Presenting the "Stars" poster.  The boys had to make a poster on what they had learned during camp.
This was Sam's favorite craft, wind chimes.
Water rockets was a HUGE hit with everyone.
The much anticipated water gun battle on the last day.
Campers against leaders.
There was no mercy.......
See that little boy on the left with the bright yellow crocs??
The most merciless of all.
This is Zach Bonner.  He collects school supplies and back packs for those in need through his charitable organization Zach's Little Red Wagon
Camp photo.
Camp photo of everyone being goofy.
 Camp flag.

The days were filled with crafts, archery, bb gun shooting, cooking, camping, water play, fishing, hiking, games and much, much more.
The most important thing??  Sam had fun.

I was quite worried about Sam going to camp. I have been to Cub Scout Day Camp many times is not for the faint of heart!!
I tagged along as Sam's buddy.  Sometimes it all got to much for him, so we just went off to a quiet spot and chilled out for a bit.
The boys and leaders in his group were great.  The boys tried to make sure that Sam was included and that he had a  turn.
It was an expensive week fast food wise!!  Sam would only move out the door in the morning with the promise of McDonald's hash browns.  He always wanted Chick-fil-a on the way home.
I have not had McDonald's since.........
Chick-fil-a is OK.  Sam had a full meal, but  I only had a large Diet Dr. fortify myself.
I am getting to old for Cub Scout Day Camps.
2 more years to go.
But, if they are all like this one, it will not be so bad.


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