Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Bunny Hop

For many years I have tossed around the idea of having an Easter Egg Hunt.
Time has always gotten away from me, so it never happened.
That is, until this year.
Our small little event grew a little.

Invitations were posted on Facebook for all to see.

All Samuel was interested in was a bounce house with a slide.
It HAD to be a castle, but besides that, whatever you want Mum.......yeah, right!
 The eggs were stuffed and tossed......
 and tossed........
 poured in some places........
 tossed and rolled........
 thrown with wild abandon.......
  eventually all desire to even try to hide them was lost......
The food was ready to be eaten.
Well, not all the food was there ready to be eaten......

Let the festivities begin!!!!

There was bouncing,
 and maybe just a little bit of squishing going on.
 Parents stood around observing,
 and unsquishing.
On your mark,
get set,
 Jim surveying the scene
 Sam was happy because the hunt also involved bubbles!

Over 600 eggs hunted in around 5 minutes!!!
 We then turned to grilling hot dogs,
supervising the grilling of hot dogs,
 and being cute.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt.
If we do it again next year, we know some things to add and things to do differently.
Trial and error.
All I know is that Samuel is still talking about it and wants to do it again.
 Another thing I know.....
check the bounce house for all possible scenarios in advance.
Such as one certain 8-year old boy finding a way to climb up on top of the bounce house and hide behind the dragon.
By the way, the dragon's name is Bruce.
Just in case you were wondering. 

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