Saturday, February 5, 2011

Billy Elliot: A mixed review from the belfry

The most celebrated show of the year, BILLY ELLIOT the Musical has captured hearts worldwide, delighted the critics and swept the awards - winning ten 2009 Tony Awards® including BEST MUSICAL!

Called "THE BEST SHOW YOU WILL EVER SEE" by the New York Post and "THE MOST INSPIRING SHOW I’VE SEEN IN YEARS" by Ben Brantley of The New York Times, BILLY ELLIOT is a joyous, exciting and feel-good celebration of one boy following his heart and making his dreams come true. Full of life, laughter, astonishing dancing and unforgettable music, this uplifting experience will stay with you forever.

Based on the international smash-hit film, BILLY ELLIOT is brought to life by the Tony-winning creative team – director Stephen Daldry, choreographer Peter Darling and writer Lee Hall – along with music legend Elton John, who has written what the New York Post calls "HIS BEST SCORE YET!"
I took the above information about the show "Billy Elliot" from the "Billy Elliot" website.
Jessica and I went to see the show tonight and it was all of the above mentioned things.  But, as i sat there watching, I had a more mixed review running through my mind.

The incredible expanding marshmallow man that was sitting next to me, and his snooty girlfriend didn't appear to like it at all.  I started to turn towards them and inform them that they didn't have to stay and watch the second half if they didn't want to.  We have left halfway through a show before.  But, I didn't.  I don't think they clapped even once!  A shame, because even though my thoughts about the show are mixed, there was a lot to clap about.

The talent was undeniable.  On tour there is three different boy who play Billy Elliot.  One is from Melbourne, Australia.  I was disappointed that he wasn't performing at tonight's show.  The boy who did is only 13.  Fantastic sums up his performance.

I didn't like the swearing.  I know they were trying to stay true to the "roots" of the story. But, I think we all could have enjoyed the show and understood the economic, social and "time" of the setting just as well without vulgar language.  Especially coming out of the mouths of young children.  Though I did find it amusing that the first few time the word "poof" was used, I don't think many understood what it meant.  Though, the fact that it was said to a young boy dressing up in dresses, the meaning soon became apparent!

I enjoyed the show. 
I loved the talented children, the dancing, the sense of humor, souvenirs!
Jessica's Souvenir
We get a mug from every show we see.  Jim is absolutely devastated when there isn't a mug available!
This is my souvenir.  I only got it because it came free with the purchase of the jacket and mug.
Would I go and see it again? 
Probably not.  

Solely because of the swearing.

Best part of the night?
Spending time with my daughter!
That always makes the night priceless.



Anonymous said...

A nice review - but I'd like to point out that four boys, not three, share the role of Billy on the tour. They are Lex Ishimoto, Kylend Hetherington, Giuseppe Bausilio, and the Australian boy, Daniel Russell.

Sally-Ann said...

Oops, sorry.....missed the 4th boy when I was reading "Who's who" in the program. Last night Giuseppe Bausilio played Billy. A very talented young man