Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mother's Worry

My oldest son, Joshua, is 21 years-old. I know, I know, the oldest 21, the youngest is not quite 3! That is another story in its self. Anyway, Joshua is in Halifax, Canada serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He gets to write home via e-mail every Wednesday, that is their "day off". Yesterday we didn't hear from him. On Wednesdays I check my e-mail about every 30 minutes until we get his e-mails. As the day went on I began to imagine all kinds of reasons why he didn't write. Is he sick? Is he being transferred to another area? Is he injured in a ditch somewhere? Once again, I know, I know - remember the name of my blog - sometimes the wombats really get fluttering around my head! All my worry was for nothing (as it usually is). He had a meeting with the Mission President and several other areas of missionaries and that is why he didn't write until today. Joshua comes home in October and we are excited to be able to go and get him. Two years is a very long time not to see my boy! Have added a fairly recent picture of him.
Mother's seem to worry about their children no matter how old they are.

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